Thursday, December 2, 2010


i'm afraid dat u will get bored of me
i wan 2 b alone bcoz i think in love is mnyusah kn
i think being single is da bez
i wish i donno wat love is
i remember betapa relax nyer single

when im alone..
i started 2 think of love
when im alone..
i get jeles of people in love
when im alone..
i wan 2 fall in love
n when im alone..
i want u 2 b by my side

n when im alone..
u r by my side..


when there is no topic 2 talk
im afraid..

when there is no krdit
im afraid..

n when i havent cntact u in a day
i get soo afraid..

bcoz i know..
u were hoping 4 me
2 do something..
im afraid 2 fail..
n sometimes i do fail..

its like..
i fail to give commitment

tengok, dah cari yang lain dah..hehe :p

commitment is important in a relationship
without commitment
what is a relationship

a comfortable relationship
is when da boys do da fun things
n da gurls enjoy it
klu boy 2 x fun
cmne gurl 2 nk enjoy
for guys
our enjoy ment comes after da gurls enjoyment
when ur hepy
its our happiness too
we smile bhind ur smile..
dats a father's quality

only laki x gune er
yg harap an pompuan enjoy an die
da boring

p/s : bukan aku punya kata2 ea kat atas's his
p/p/s : sorry for everything..ayang asek pentingkan diri je..i love you..aishhh*blushing..hee

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